Baby’s new chair

I am not sure what happened to this post, and cannot find the content on my blogger site anymore 🙁  But this is the highchair mummy Mistress bought for me.

It has locking straps that only mummy knows the numbers for and usually when I am in my ankles are strapped to the bottom and my wrists to the side.

Mistress takes great delight in feeding me very quickly.


Lucy x

  Posted by Lucy in Adult Baby on July 10, 2019


  1. Firefighter says:

    love this old fashioned and very victorian style baby chair. Well diapered in noisy plastic panties, plastic bib and mouth wide spread, baby is waiting for his ugly baby food and a big bottle filled of tea and Nannies pee. Nanny takes pictures and post it here for sissies total humiliation

  2. Firefighter says:

    Well thank you for your kind answer. I hope you can make some pictures when you are locked in the chair

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