Disappointed truth

For quite a while now I have been chatting to a friend who is a sissy. We get on very well and although we have never met we have a really nice friendship. For quite a time now she has desired me to hold her key and to lock her up. Now as a submissive to my Mistress this is something I don’t do.

I have tried the encouraging texts etc but it’s never really worked for either of us and tbh I know Mistress doesnt like me doing this for either, my friend also has the same issues I have with chastity which is lots of devices and none work. So recently he bought two off me and originally asked me not to send any keys for the locks. I refused but did send her a combination lock so she could lock the keys away and send me the number. To cut a long story short earlier this week she sent me a photo of a new number and asked me to look after it as she was locking. Which I did. I have checked on her and teased a little. She sent me a text saying she was going to do a week and it’s what she really wanted to do.. so last night after 4 days she sent a text asking for the number as she wanted to wash. Mistress was on my phone saw the text and took over and told her she had 10 minutes to do so and then she was to relock. So after time has expired she asked where was the video of locking to which she replied I will do it tomorrow. That she smells, this is what the 10 minutes were for… And to be honest I know that unless someone has their head in your crotch no one can smell your c#ck. I know my friend is a little OCD about hygiene from previous comments but this was something she had asked for time and time again…

Mistress and myself used to be a well known chastity site and men used to beg her to lock them up and nearly all of them didn’t make the distance, so mistress said to me my friend wouldn’t make it… And she was right. So now I am disappointed with her. Is it that reality is actually more scary or more boring then what you think? It was obvious she wasn’t going to relock she said after 4 days she was bored…

So I suppose the tag line should be be careful what you wish for as the reality is sometimes different.

Until next time
Lucy x

  Posted by Lucy in Femdom, Ramblings, sissy on June 19, 2021

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