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Mistress decided that on the 1st June that chastity was to come back but with the addition of the locking corset to keep me interested (or that is how she put it).

So I am locked back in this device

Chastity Device

Chastity Device

Which I wrote about before that is just a cheap clone.  It cost me £25 at the time but it has turned out to be the best device for me.  It goes through my PA and gives it no issues which means its very secure.  Without snapping it etc I am pretty much stuck.  I can comfortable wear this for 7-14 days with no release.  When I get released its purely just for cleaning as being non circumcised I can get issues with the foreskin getting caught or inflamed but this device works – Mistress knows this.  The downside is its bull trap and you get woken in the early hours with night time attempted erections, or when Mistress teases you – or pulls the corset on tight 🙂 But that’s all part of the denial.

But as well as chastity I am being locked into this every morning for 8-10 hours at a time…

Rear of Corset

This corset is heavily boned and is being used for waist training along with the lock it is an incredible piece of corsetry.  It was made by Meschantes Corsertry (  a few years ago and its just incredible.  No matter how tight Mistress pulls it it holds and pulls in and after a period of time Mistress will just pull it in tighter and tighter and tighter.  She loves it when my breathing gets shallower and my poor locked penis strains in the cage each time she pulls it in.

So what’s going to happen?

I don’t actually know the answer to this question.  Mistress decides if and when I will get an orgasm or how many days that the corset will be applied for.   I do know that I have asked that I am corsetted as much as possible.  Its now the fifth consecutive day of being locked in both corset and chastity and I am very content.  The most sexually content I have felt for a few months.  The corset is giving me a waist that I have always wanted.  My posture has to change and I am standing more upright and sitting more upright.   So we will see what happens 🙂

A little video of my current predicament….


Hugs and Kisses

Lucy x




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  1. Pansy says:

    I love your pictures and your treatments. I my case it’s more humiliation with diapers and rubber bloomers

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