Inflatable Air Bed and Sack

I have had a long term fantasy that I could be trapped inside an inflatable so that Mistress could sit on me and pleasure herself, if she wanted to do, or do anything else while I was stuck.

Well a fellow kinky fellow from Japan came to my rescue and I was able to order this beauty.

The curved end is where you get in it has a sealed zip and is made from two inflatable air mattresses. I used my latex mask and tubes to allow breathing as I didn’t want to suffocate. I climbed in and heard Mistress zip it close it already was very dark. Next came the air. As it inflated it pushed hard down onto my body trapping me and squashing me leaving me unable to move.

I tried moving around but Mistress came into the room and told me to stop and that I wasnt coming out until she was ready. My breathing was quite hard and mentally I was very turned up, I had slight panic before going in and I think that’s why my lower regions didn’t react. I was let out after quite some time and it was quite difficult to hey out. I was a little trapped but after done wiggling I was free. I spent the rest of the night full of Adeline. M has t told me next time will be alot longer and she might just leave me and go out!!

Until next time.

Hugs Lucy xxx

  Posted by Lucy in Ramblings on October 18, 2021

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