Hair Removal Lucy’s Way

Hair Removal… My Mistress says that all good sissy’s or baby’s should be hair free. I love the feeling when all my hair has gone and I don’t understand any sissy or baby who leaves there hair on. There is no excuse. I have been out in the summer hairless or on the beach or in the gym and no one says anything…

For good hair removal I use hair removal cream veet or Nair the sensitive version.

Keep it away from your balls and Willy.!! Use a razor only!!

I also recommend some rubber gloves and some rubber pants. I have some thick black rubber tight pants and if you pull them up correctly it stops you getting cream where you don’t want it 🙂

Don’t over do the time, if it’s burning get it off! And if you must use the little tool that comes with veet be gentle..

But most of all enjoy that feeling 🙂

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