The weekend is over :-(

I awoke on Sunday morning still in my nappy and started to suck on my dummy, while leaning on Mummy’s chest.  She started to wake a little and moan and before long she pulled down her top and was massaging her nipples in front of me.  My little weenie was straining in its nappy all I could do was suck harder on my dummy, I wanted to spit it out but didnt know what Mummy would say.. and then Mummy pulled it out and I was then on Mummy’s gorgeous breasts.  I liked and sucked for all I could and then squeezed it.  Mummy moaned and groaned and then took my spare hand and placed it between Mummy’s legs and pushed my fingers into her pussy.  I pushed my fingers in and out as fast as I could and before long Mummy came to orgasm.  It was wonderful!

Mummy asked me to go and make her a cup of tea and once I got down stairs I wet my diaper again (second time) – There is something very satisfying and nice about a wet diaper and when I got back to Mummy with her tea she told me how good I smelt and told me I could take it off and come to bed.  Mummy played with my weenie and started talking to me about the High chair and I had to ask her to stop – as baby is not allowed to orgasm or cum πŸ™

Mummy then went and got herself some breakfast and came back up stairs with mine, A massive bottle of milk full to the brim!

This bottle but full up! It was huge and a bowl of rusks and milk.  Mummy put my bib on and fed me breakfast and then told me to lay down to drink my milk.  Mummy started to stroke my weenie while I drank my milk every mouth full her pace increased and I was really getting hot and bothered and then she stopped.
She got out of bed and came back to me carrying 3 diapers and proceeded to wrap me in each layer very tightly. I could not close my legs any more.  Then I was told to stand up and Mummy helped me in my diaper dress before putting my shoes on me..
I looked a proper little baby.  And then she sent me off to do my chores.  I worked really hard and built up quite a sweat.  Walking was difficult and I had to waddle everywhere but I loved every minute of it.
After chores Mummy told me I could have a shower, so I got undressed and after my shower Mummy produced the butt plug harness and told me it was time for something to go up my bottom.
It is a huge plug πŸ™
(The harness)
Mummy put me in the harness and plug pushed up hard and told me to go and fetch our son.  Driving was interesting to say the least I could feel every lump and bump in the road.   When I got home it was lunch time.  I was fed two jars of baby food and then we went food shopping.
When we came home we tidyed away – and now life is back to normal and we miss it all!
Mummy removed the plug for me before we got to the shops – but the harness is still on as I write!
I love my mummy!

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  1. freddok says:

    Hello Baby Phil,
    Very nice blog, I like it. I'm also in chastity and wearing diapers (but more on the DL side…). One question : where do you get your butt plug harness? it look wonderful !!!
    ( I'm "pisseux" on …)

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