Testing the belt to extremes?

What can you do with this Belt?

  1. Carry on your normal activities – walking sitting , sleeping etc
  2. Drive your car
  3. Drive a forklift truck – YES no pain from the bumps
  4. Be held while your Mistress fucks your arse….
  5. Be frustrated with no change of escape and a very strained erection
  6. Go shopping for some lovely PVC 😉
BUT I took this a little further…
I went on a tank riding experience the other day, Imagine bouncing around in a hard seated lorry and then in an armored tank over hills and down dips and being thrown about for 2 hours – and yes – no damage – no cuts – no pain – is this possible?  YES oh yes

And then into London the next day on trains, undergrounds and driving for 5 hours – no cuts, damage and a little adjustment to my trousers and it was all good!
This belt is amazing! !

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on July 16, 2015

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