Orgasms – what is happening to me??!?!?!

I was told by Mistress Deborah that babies don’t get to come or to orgasm… and after a weekend of teasing and being fxked by Mistress last night I came to bed and was told not to where anything. I had been in the butt plug harness all day (with a plug for half of it) and Mistress’s knickers.

So I came to bed and we started kissing and cuddling and Mistress told me she needed me. My cock was erect and she asked me to come around the front of her and to be in the top position. As soon as I came in front of her my cock went limp, and I tried to get it hard but struggled. Mistress asked me if I could get it hard for her and I told her I could, she knelt up but still I struggled, something in my brain was telling me no (I think I have been too well trained?!?!) so I used my fingers to get Mistress off and then she told me to roll on my back. Mistress started talking to me and reminding me about the humbler (I collect it tonight!) and what she would do to me, and my cock started to harden, her tongue on my nipples and I was rock hard.

Mistress climbed on top and rode me hard, it felt amazing. I told Mistress I was about to come and she carried on and I really came very hard and intense (2-3 weeks of build up). It felt amazing. And Mistress was very pleased – as was baby slave.

But unusually it was Mistress fast asleep first 😉

And then in the early hours of Monday morning Mistress woke me feeling randy.  She licked my nipples and started stroking my cock until it became very hard, and then climbed on top of me.  She rode me hard, slowly and then quicker and all the time I could feel my juices building.  I was not awake at the start but soon was and through Mistresses expert skills I came hard and quickly.  Mistress was very pleased – and I was!

But its now Wednesday and through not being well, and Mistress being tired I am already missing my baby bits – my nappies, my bottles, and now I have a new collar in pink that says Mummys boy…   Oh dear.. I think I am becoming a baby :-O

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on October 2, 2013

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