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Well been in and out the belt due to Mistress’s wishes , out on Friday night – back in today and this time a different combination..
This is the belt with the cock sleeve and just the outer cage (the latest revised version).  I am trialing this instead of the ball ring as I though it might enable me to stay locked longer without any intervention.
So what did I discover?!?!
Firstly, it looks really amazing this way and no discomfort at all as my balls sit in the lower part of the shield and even sitting down is perfect.
Secondly, It is a more intense experience as now you cannot even see your cock, and if before I could get fingers in to pull my cock around (purely for shaking the drips out) – now it is more difficult – so for those who thought they could wank with it on – I don’t think you can now…
Thirdly – I think now there is a front shield and a gap a vibrator to the outside would fail…
I also think that if this became bespoke wear for international crickets/footballers – we would end up with some decent British players and maybe win the cricket 😉
I havent got the rear cable attached – at present – but have done this before no problem… 🙂
What you get with this belt is…
Wear it with just the cock ring…
Wear it with just the tube
Wear it with just the shield
And then you can wear it with ring and tube – no shield
And then you can wear it with ring ,tube and shield
OR with all of the back and then the back wire…
I am not affiliated in any way to the manufacturers of this belt – I paid the price for my belt – but I have been given amazing customer service and looked after very well – and this is why I am sharing and tellling you all.

If you have a question about this belt then please post it on my blog and I will answer it.

I have thrown a lot of devices and belts away but this one is a keeper!

’till next time!

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on July 20, 2015


  1. Well pleased for you Phil – and even more pleasing is that it's the result of Stroppy's input and it is made in the UK. Got to be good after the slow demise of Tollyboy.


  2. philfred says:

    Made in the UK by a very talented man. Stroppy presented a problem and Joe devised the solution. A clever kink friendly metal worker !

  3. This country needs more of them! LOL

    I hope he finds it commercially successful.

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