Hot days and diapers

Well I went to work today in my diaper.  It was hidden under my jeans and t-shirt.   I wear cudlx disposable diapers – as mummy likes them best and they look very babyish with their print.

Well it was very warm today and as the day went on I got hotter and hotter and hotter.   I didn’t wet my diaper and when I came home mummy let me take it off – it was soaked with sweat… So maybe hot days are not good for baby 🙁

Mummy let me have a shower and then I went upstairs and stood naked in front of mummy.  She played with my weenie until it was very hard and then told me to lay down on the bed on the fresh diaper she had prepared.  She licked my nipples and stroked my weenie faster and faster and them placed my weenie in her mouth and licked.  I started to wiggle on the bed and then she stopped.  Pulled my diaper up really hard and told me to get dressed leaving me very frustrated with a rock hard weenie in my diaper.

We have ordered lots of new things for mummy and baby tonight and some of them will be fun and other a little scary.  Locking mittens for baby and also a locking dummy oh my.

baby phil

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on August 16, 2013

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