Being Mummys little boy

Well this weekend was something that mummy had planned for a while.

Last week she did some shopping and ordered me some new baby shoes (I am wearing them now while writing this – there black with little hearts cut out and little white sock), some new shirts – a special one for big work – that looks like a normal shirt – but has diaper poppers and a new t-shirt with animal prints all over it.  All so I look properly dressed for mummy. 

Anyway, back to the weekend 🙂

It started on Friday when I got home from work, the new diapers had arrived and I came home and went straight upstairs, took my clothes off and knelt on the floor with head bowed and waited for mummy.  She came in the room and told me to lay on the bed, Mummy licked my nipples and played with my weenie until it became very hard and erect.  She then told me to lift my bottom and placed diaper around me and pulled it tight.  She then told me to stand up and produced my locking plastic pants and locked them in place, something new for a Friday night.   Mummy told me that I was not going to be eating and adult food until Sunday night (gulp) – so I came downstairs in my diaper and mummy fed me two jars of baby food, I think it was a cheesy pasta and the apple crumble for desert.  Mummy knew I would get hungry so she also fed me some rusks in milk.   I wet my diaper twice it was really soggy, and mummy said I wasn’t going to be changed.. I was a little worried. We also did some internet searching as mummy wants to buy me a high chair.  We have found some one who can make one for us (OMG)…

High Chair from here…
I have sent them several emails and they can make it how mummy wants – so it looks like baby will be getting a new seat (OMG) – with restraints – Mummy wants fully restraints including a neck restraint.  I think I need to be a good baby!!!
At bed time mummy did change my diaper (Thank you mummy). But then put my locking mittens before giving me a bottle of milk (a large one).    I was allowed to sleep with mummy as I have a really bad cold.  I slept quite well, like a baby (so to speak!)  until the morning when mummy removed my mittens and I got out of bed and wet my diaper.  I went back to bed then and slept in a wet diaper for at least 3 hours (its really funny then don’t bother me?).  Mummy woke up and asked me to make her a cup of tea.  I made mummy a cup of tea and asked if I could use the toilet as I needed a POO and was given permission (this always feels really strange – after being in a diaper – sort of wrong).   Mummy lubricated my bottom and inserted the Revo Prostate Massager and let it run for a while, she told me it was a taste of things to come.  Mummy made herself a bacon sandwich (it looks delicious!) and the kids, and then sat at the table and fed me a bowl of porridge and made me a very large bottle of milk to drink (14oz).  After milk it was time to remove the hair from this hairy baby, so after 1 hour and lots of nair hair removal, I looked like a baby, no body hair.   Mummy put me in a fresh nappy and the new fuchsia top with poppers.  She asked me to put our bondage bed up She then fed me my lunch, which was a liquidised pizza -the strangest thing ever, and then sent me off to deposit the children for their sleep overs. 
When I got back Mummy was not home (YIKES!) – but Mistress was.  Standing at the top of the stairs was Mistress in her sexy black latex dress, with stockings, its enough to make baby go week at his knees.  Mistress told me to come upstairs and undress.  She had my black latex catsuit out and the bed sling was hanging in place ready.  She told me to put it on and then fixed the pink dummy gag in my mouth and told me to lay on the sling.   Next she placed the cuffs on my legs and arms and cuffed me up to the top of the frame, I was going no where now.  Mistress then climbed off the bed and when she climbed back on she had the huge strapon strapped around her waist (GULP!) all eight and half inches of it.  She placed a blind fold over my eyes and I felt the zip on my suit being undone.  Mistress then started to lubricate my bottom and inserted one of her fingers, really deep.  It felt so good and I was groaning really quickly.  Then I felt something very nippy on my balls, as Mistress had applied the clamps on my balls.  Mistress took her fingers out and inserted the Revo Prostrate Massager (this is awesome and gets me hot under the collar).  Mistress then tied something around my weenie and then pulled it very tight – very very tight.   Mistress pulled the reveo out and inserted the pump up butt plug and proceeded to pump it up very full. Mistess pulled off my blindfold and pulled out the good.  I squealed and asked Mistress to stop  Mistress deflated it briefly and pulled it out before pushing it in and out, and in and out, each time my prostrate squealing with pleasure.  Mistress untied my weenie as she said it was going blue, and then massaged it a bit.   Mistress then pushed it back in and pumped it up even larger, and massaged my weenie and kissed it. And then deflated it again.  She asked me if I was ready… And then she pushed her large strap on into babies bum, OMG it was so large, I felt it slide in and then she started pounding me. She was building up to a rhythm and each stroke she hit my prostate.  My skin was covered in goose bumps the feeling was incredible.  She lent forward over me, the strapon still inside me and kissed me.  Once Mistress was satisfied she stopped and unchained me and told me to get the queenie seat out.   I placed it on the bed and laid on the bed and waited for Mistress to sit down.  She sat above me and inserted me tongue and started to kiss, lick and suckle on Mistresses gorgeous pussy.  I was so lucky and Mistress was groaning and before long I got a little reward of some of Mistresses lovely juice.  Mistress asked me to fetch her vibrating rabbit and I pushed it deep inside her.  She groaned and moaned and I turned it up faster but Mistress decided it was not enough.  I was told to use my fingers ( I was really pleased). I pushed my thumb in deep and Mistress moaned even more, I thrusted my fingers in and out, again and again and Mistress started to come, and come and come.   We kissed passionately and Mistress told me she needed my fingers.  I was really pleased. Mistress asked me to undo her latex dress and now mummy was back.
Mummy got out my diaper and put me in my diaper and then my new t-shirt. My plastic dinosaur pants and then my frilly pants.  Next up were my new baby shoes and socks.  I look like a proper baby, Mummy has taken some pictures – and I will upload them soon.
My dinner was Sunday lunch, 2 jars of baby food and banana custard.  I have been allowed a glass or two of wine tonight and shared some ice-cream with Mummy.
My diaper is wet now, who knows what’s coming next except for my lovely mummy (I Love you Mummy!!!!)
To be finished!
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