A surprise for baby and oops I did it again…

I came home from work on Monday and mummy told me on text that I was to go upstairs.  I went upstairs and mummy told me to strip.  I stripped my clothes off and mummy told me to lay on the bed and she placed me in a nappy, put my bib around my neck and then she started to feed me a big bowl of liquidized pasta.  As mummy fed me I could feel my weenie going hard.  When I had finished I got dressed in my onsie and came downstairs.

Mummy went up stairs before me and when I went back upstairs mummy had set-up my cot again, I was really shocked – it was a Monday! I had brought up milk and mummy put it to the side.  My nappy from earlier was wet so it needed changing so mummy took it off me and told me to lie on the bed.  Mummy started playing with my nappy and talking to me, she was making me excited and before long I had to beg her to stop.  Mummy did – but not for long.  She carried on again playing with my weenie and licking my weenie.  I was getting really excited and again I had to ask her to stop.  She stopped again but only briefly and then carried on again playing with my weenie getting me closer and closer and again I asked her to stop.  Mummy stopped and then started again.  I was getting really close each time and then she started again, I asked her to stop – but I couldn’t – my weenie leaked out all over my tummy.  Mummy reminder me of what I needed to do if it leaked out.  I scooped it up onto my fingers and placed them in my mouth.  Mummy has told me I have to eat or drink it if it leaks.  There was lots of it.  Mummy was not happy with me and placed me back into my nappy , gave me my milk and then told me to get into my cot.  I am always a grumpy baby when I cum – but I climbed into my cot and went to sleep.  I didn’t wake until the early hours and climbed into mummy’s bed.  I awoke in the morning and was surprised that I wasn’t too tired!

Mummy reminded me that I musn’t make a mess anymore.

So baby has to try and be a better baby!

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on September 17, 2013

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