Saturday fun when you are a naughty baby

Saturday fun.. When you are a naughty sissy baby… It started so well.
Mistress asked that I massage her legs and bum, she was laying in her tight body and me stood in just my knickers. She told me tell her what turns me on now and so I chatted while massaging oil into her bum and backs of her legs. She turned over and asked what was i waiting for so I switched from oil to lubricant working slowly on her pussy and gradually increasing the speed. The first orgasm followed by a second and third and fourth and Mistress eventually begged me stop.
“I think you need to get something tight and restrictive out and a hood as I want some breath play”
“yes Mistress leather straitjacket and this hood (I have a hood that has multiple layers the last part turns it into a tight gas mask with either restricted air flow or no air flow)”

I put the hood on and Mistress helped me into the straitjacket before pulling the straps very tight and finally pushing me down into my back on the bed. She started stroking her (my) cock and it became hard sitting across my chest she inserted the plug cutting the air to mask , I shook my head and eventually air was restored Mistresses strokes and kisses and each time the air went. The feeling of urge was building in my eyes I was pleading she stopped but then pushed my plug back in the air went and then came the orgasm I couldn’t stop my cock throbbed and it went everywhere, Mistress was not happy.

“Oh dear!”

She let me have air and went to the cupboard and told me to lift my bum sliding a diaper under it and pulling it tight .

“You naughty boy, you can recover a minute and then you will punished”
“Yes Mistress I’m sorry Mistress I couldn’t help it”

I laid in my mess for 5 minutes breathing hard wondering what was going to happen, before she pulled me to the edge of the bed and helped me sit up, and undid the jacket.

“Over here at this end ”

Mistress undid the golden balls on the bed and the stocks were ready..

“The mask ?”
“It’s staying on!”

The bars came down clamping my hands and my neck and all I could see was the mattress. I could hear Mistress in the cupboard moving about and then she came back.

“Spread your legs.. no wider , wider”

I felt lube on my bum and then something was inserted that started to vibrate. Mistress started tapping down my back with the cane before smacking me hard across one cheek. I yelped out and moved “thank you Mistress!,
“If you keep moving the plug will go back in your mask”
“Yes Mistress”
The next blow across my other cheek then more on both Cheeks my inside of my legs on my testicles but not so hard then remembering to say thank you are each one, and then came the riding whip and the paddle the sting was constant before she stopped and released me.

She removed the mask and told me to fetch the strap on harness and something for my little sissy mouth so I don’t scream. Mistress put on the harness stroking her purple 7 ½ inch cock.. pushed the ball into my mouth before pulling the harness very tight there is no taking with this just dribling.

“Kneel on the bed and get comfy”

The vibrating plug was removed and then I felt the dildo… Omg my body started to goose bumps all over so sensitive as she pounded me hard..

“It’s that nice”
“Omfph ”

She removed the gag and asked again

“Yes Mistress, I’m getting very tingly”

The pegging carried on with me on my back and my legs in the air with Mistress having a real glint in her eye until she had enough and so had I..

“Fetch me a baby grow, happy, baby hood and two suppositories”
“Please not the suppositories”
“Are you arguing with me do you want more time in the stocks”
“No Mistress sorry Mistress”

As much as I hate the suppositories my cheeks felt tender.

I put the hood on (you can see it in other posts) and Mistress motioned for me to lay on my big nappy (rearz safari,) before pushing the suppositories up my bum” on went baby grow and Mistress laid down on the bed exposing her breasts and motioning me to suckle the hood has a very small mouth hole only big enough to get a nipple through so I struggled to do this but Mistress lived the feeling of the latex on her chest as she started to masturbate bringing her self to an amazing orgasm my cock now straining inside the nappy but my cheeks were starting to clench. I was told to go downstairs and get Mistress a drink the cold floor was too much for me both my bladder and bum released filling my nappy as I came upstairs..

“Poo smelly baby”
“Yes Mistress”
“Come and lay down”

Mistress knows how humbling and how much I don’t like poo in my nappy but I was there as Mistress drank and then dozed for a while.. I knew I had been naughty and had to accept my fate..

“ Go on smelly baby get undressed and go and have a shower”

And thus ended 4 hours…

I hope you enjoyed. It’s all true
Mistress Deborah’s sissy baby Lucy

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