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Hey Everyone,

As we go into a new year (2022) life evolves and changes and so has mine.  I have many kinks as you may know, and as time goes on I add and some stop – usually because they have run their course or we decide (myself and Mistress) that it is not something we wish to continue on with.  Due to all these reasons and an impending house move we have decided to sell of the Nursery.  We have quite a lot of equipment in the little room, so I will be adding items for sale onto here as time goes on.

We have

Adult Baby High Chair with restraints and table

The high chair is very sturdy and can fold back on itself and quite comfortably take a grown adult up to and including 17st or above.  I have enjoyed many a meal strapped into this chair.

The reins are adjustable.

I would like about £200 for the chair, and you would need to collect it we are based in the Midlands, UK


A full size adult baby cot

This is a one of a kind cot we had made.  You can sit up in it, its fully lockable – you will not escape once in unless you physically break the bars,  it can also be converted to a discrete day bed with all the top half being securely stowed underneath.  It is a truly amazing piece of equipment hand built and the wood could easily be stained to a new colour or painted.  I will supply the mattress with this as well.  To give an idea of size it takes a normal single mattress 🙂  There is a full video of it with more details here which shows it much better.

If you are interested in this then please contact me,  I paid over £1000 for this new and although I know I wont get this for it – I would like a reasonable offer and you will need to collect from the Midlands, UK

We have lots of clothing as well, including some very padded PVC rompers that I will add and list.

I have left space below so you can get in touch.

If you would like to have these items delivered in the UK then also get in touch so I can work out costs.

Best Wishes

Lucy x



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