The holy grail

I have spent a lot of money over the years searching for a Chastity device that would work for me.

I started with a cb6000 , it split and the rings rubbed my balls raw. I tried the bon4 better results but not really secure and smelly.  I tried some cheap metal devices all of which just ended up hanging off my balls and couldn’t be worn long term. I then tried a full belt a fetish Felixstowe cs100 and found this was working but only to discover the tube design and manufacturing damaged my cock very badly which was my first trip to the Dr’s with damaged foreskin an infection and no good. I tried a cb3000 with a leather belt that worked out but had to come as you can’t get leather wet ask the time.  I tried a dickcage that just got sucked off when it got sweaty. I tried a love jail no joy and then found a device with a urethral insert that worked better but again long term couldn’t sleep in it etc and my balls always got sore. ..

I knew how frustrated I was as well as my Mistress.  I was beginning to lose hope.

Then I heard about this belt ,  through a friend of mine on chastity he knew about my issues and told me he was testing this new one. .

Well as I have said in previous posts I met Joe the designer of the belt and the manufacturer  of it and he listened and has been modifying the belt.

The result is that after some testing of lockups with release , each was about 5 days with no releases I am now on Day 9 of ?? No release no pain nothing.

My version is different. I have no cock ring.  I have the tube and the front shield. My balls sit inside the shield and as you can see you can’t get at anything.

I am awaiting a more severe version of the front but this version works.

The holy grail. . After 4 years.

Please make sure you look up they really care.

Best wishes for your locked future
Slave philfred

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  Posted by Lucy in, Chastity on September 22, 2015

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