Double Diaper Chastity

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A bit ago I posted a tip for the girls to put a little Vaseline on there princess parts and then wear a diaper so they can edge all day. So then I got messages from some little boys that wanted the same. So the hubs and I went to thinking how to do that. Just covering the peepee with Vaseline really didn’t do much, and still we haven’t found anything yet. But we did come up with this! It’s more like a diaper chastity, I’ll explain:

1: you need two pull-ups, or pampers, or any type of diaper that swells up big! Pull-ups work the best!

2: put slits in both of them so they drain

3: turn one inside out and put it on, Line up where your peepee goes and make a “small” hole, maybe 2″. All you need is the balls and peepee to come through. Diaper fluff will escape, but the goal is to have a sung fit like a cock ring.

4: once you have the little bits in place, slide the other diaper on over it. Make sure it’s slit!

5: tear off the sides, and this is where you decide how mean to be. If you are nice, cover the peepee with Vaseline and then just put a diaper over both the pull-ups. If you want to be meaner, just take some tape and put one good wrap around the base. That will put pressure on it as the pull-ups swell. If you want a chastity like effect, fold over the top and tape the top shut. Then he can’t grow at all, and as the diaper swells it will get worse!!!!! Make sure to slit the tape too!

6: add as many diapers as you like to seal the deal!

So what happens is the penis is stuck between two pull-ups and will swell up a lot and it’s stuck between the two swollen layers! So it’s like a sheath if you use lube, but if you use tape, it constricts it and is like chastity. He will not be able to hump well to make cummies since the diaper is attached to the balls…. if he can even get hard! I also wouldn’t use this in public just because once the two pull-ups swell up, they get super huge and it can not be hidden at all.

Good luck and let me know what you think and how it works for all you guys! ?

This sounds super evil.


*I hope Mommy doesn’t see this!* ?

Sounds amazing ???

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