Lucy gets to go out omg

Well yesterday was an amazing and scary day for Lucy. ..

Mistress Deborah told me earlier in the week that she would like to take Lucy out of the house !! So on Saturday I was told to shave everywhere , I am locked in a full steel belt from , so I shaved all my legs (love having smooth legs ) and my arms and my chest. Mistress then shaved my back and my bum , I have never felt so smooth 🙂 , going to keep my self shaved now 🙂

It was a very warm summer day (25c) which for England is warm lol, so getting ready as Lucy was very warm, Lucy’s torso is thick silicon but I just love it when Mistress pulls the laces in tight and turns me into Lucy , I had new black lace panties on, and then lovely dress Mistress bought me along with my black patent high heels.

Mistress has a black convertible so she told me to wait in the house until she sounded the horn, the horn went off and I walked down our driveway and out into the full sun. Omg my heart was pounding and it was very hot. I got in the car and off we drove , the first stop was as the top of the road and people walked past and Mistress said they were looking at me, that was scary but also felt nice inside.

We drove about for half an hour the wind blowing my hair in my eyes and mouth, and loving every minute until Mistress found a pub. She put the rough up and told me to wait in the car, I was partly sad that I was sat in the car, but as a good sub I know not to argue and Mistress soon came back with a nice cool drink for me with straws…

We chatted like a couple of teenagers on our first date telling all , and I know now more than ever that chastity, Lucy, and baby is me. I need this control and I have a loving Mistress who can provide me all of this but also the correction I need when I’m naughty.

After the drinks the roof came down and we were off again and I felt more confident. Looking for people looking at me, proud and confident being Lucy. We stopped at our local supermarket and I stayed in the car with the roof up, I was watching and wondering. When I’m Lucy I wonder what it would be like to have the bottom half of Lucy, a penetrable vagina and bigger hips..

When we got home I was told to go upstairs and kneel on the bed. Mistress removed my panties and then placed some lube on my bottom before I could feel her large cock push inside me, I squealed at first and pulled off before Mistress pushed in again. It feels so right and soon Mistress had hold of my steel belt and was pounding me hard , breaking her rythum to change her strokes. I so want to orgasm this way and I’m sure it will happen. I could hear Mistress orgasming through her actions and I love to hear that sound. My hair had fallen off I looked well and truly fucked… I had been.

My least favourite part follows undressing and putting Lucy away. Until next time.
Lucy xx

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  Posted by Lucy in, strap on sex on June 28, 2015

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