The first night alone

Well last night it happened…

I was told to make a bottle (of formula) and then to meet Mistress in the nursery.

I was told to remove my big boy clothes and leave them in Mistresses bedroom.  I walked in the nursery and it started to hit me.  This was it. I was told to lay on the massage table and Mistress pushed the large orange dummy into my mouth.  It has lots of dimples on it and it’s really big , it hurts my mouth but I was doing as I was told.  Mistress rubbed some cream on my weenie and my bum and I could instantly feel something growing.  Mistress playfully stroked it and then told me to lift my bummy  up and a thick cudlz  diaper was slid underneath me before being fastened tight.  I was helped to sit up and next up was my blue romper and then a t-shirt that Mistress bought that says “I like my wet nappies”

Mistress fastened up my romper and lowered the site of the cot and told me to climb in.  I lowered myself in and Mistress gave me my bottle and held it while I drank some.  She put my bottle out of reach abs raised the side and then the padlock went click. She gave me my other dummy and a teddy to cuddle and then said good night baby and I replied goodnight mummy and the light went off.

I laid looking around me I was aware I had a very hard weenie but could see the red light on the baby monitor and thought Mistress was watching.  Then the monitor started playing lullabies.  They sounded really strange but they helped me not panic about my predicament.  And then they stopped and Mistress spoke to me .. she finished and said good night again.

I laid there trying to get comfortable . I was so aware of everything and after what seemed like an age I fell to sleep.

I was awake , looking around I knew where I was.  I wondered how long before Mistress wound wake so tried to sleep again but woke because I needed to wee. I can’t wee laying down but realised If I partially sat up and squeezed I  could.  Warm wee filled my nappy and just as I finished and laid down the music started. Two or three repeats and then footsteps before Mistress came in.

She asked me if I had been good and I said I had before she undid the lock and lowered the front.  I was told to climb in my high  hair and Mistress did the buckles up tight.  A bib went on and then she produced a big bowl of something.  And spoon after spoon of warm rusk was pushed into my mouth.  I had trouble keeping up but Mistress likes to feed me quick. … breakfast was finished and buckles released and i was told to climb back on the massage table.  Mistress undid my romper and did unfastened my nappy.

“Good boy”
“Thank-you munmy”

Mistress wiped me down with baby wipes and my weenie responded becoming hard.  She stroked it  and lifted my top flicking her tongue against my nipples. I could feel myself being very excited so I asked her to stop. I wasn’t allowed to cum.  After a brief stop Mistress started again and i begged again please stop. Mistress stopped but my weenie was so aching. A fresh nappy was placed under my bum and Mistress placed it across my weenie. The soft material  of the nappy was too much and without any warning my weenie exploded. .

“Oh dear creamies in your nappy. You will have to stay like that now”

“Yes mummy”

I couldn’t believe I had come after 50 plus days of self control. ..

We went to Mistresses bed and laid together.  It was lovely to be close to Mistress.

I was told to dress in big boy clothes and my day started. 

My nappy stayed in place until early evening when I was allowed to join Mistress in the hot tub.

I have been told that I’m back in the nursery tonight.  I don’t know if it will be tonight or not as the kids are all back but either way things have now changed.. forever..

Slave baby phil

Ps my cot was made  by bedsandmore as a custom piece . They also made our metal bondage bed. . 🙂

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