Diapers and Pull ups

Pull-ups to diapers…

Last week Mistress bought me some pull-ups and due to a miscommunication I didn’t wear them until Friday ? but I was sent to work on Friday in them which was different. I was disappointed as they don’t hold much ??

So this morning on the best sunny day in months and after been allowed to suckle and told to put a pull up on I mentioned that’s what I really wanted was a diaper and to my surprise I was told yes…

So Mistress dressed me in a Abu preschool and my white onesie. And here I am some hours later. Still dressed and wet… And very happy. I am not sure what will happen next..

#abdl #adultbaby #chastity

  Posted by Lucy in Adult Baby, diapered, diapers, Diapers/Nappies, nappies on May 5, 2018

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