Being Mistresses sissy

Hi friends 🙂

Lucy can be lots of things but the most important thing is that she (I) belong to Mistress.  We went shopping recently at IKEA and found some interesting stuff. Who would have ever known that a sissy can find such nice bits…

(Skirt and gloves from IKEA – the rest are lucys 🙂
So the following day Mistress decided it was time for dress up.  The corset went on first – Mistress pulled it in tight and then even tighter.  Breathing always get a little harder at this point and my weenie always starts to respond and stiffen and then Mistress locks it…
All locked in with no escape…
And then next came the hoops for the skirt followed by the skirt and then my high heels.  The combination was intoxicating.  Then finally the head harness with the large ball gag.  No noise to be made by sissy.    Mistress told me to close my eyes and started grabbing her property under the dress.  My weenie was already hard from the fabric and looking at myself. I felt amazing and it looked amazing.  Mistress stroked it and pulled her property and sucked it – It felt so good.  I was balancing on my heels my breathing restricted – my mouth stuffed full and unable to speak.  I was feeling very sexy and extremely turned on.   Mistress stopped and told me to lean against the bed.   I felt my skirt being lifted and I was told to spread my legs and felt Mistress applying lube to my bottom before I felt her finger probing me deep.   I was moaning and groaning.   Then Mistress removed her fingers and I felt the strap on push hard into my bottom.   Mistress grabbed my hips and pounded me hard,  The pressure on my bottom was incredible and I could here Mistress getting more and more turned on.   And then she orgassmed.   A major orgasm and pulled herself out of me leaving me flat and used on the bed.  I feel in my place when this happen’s – like the little slut I am,   I cannot help myself and wait for the day when Mistress brings me to orgasm from her taking me in this way.
She told me sort my skirt and I was going downstairs to do some jobs…
I was told to make sure I did everything right or I would be in trouble.  But I was very happy in my work.  I looked like a real sissy and love my shoes..
Love these shoes – Thanks Evans!
I now have to wait until we are alone – but cannot wait!
Hugs and Kisses
Lucy x
  Posted by Lucy in sissy on February 16, 2016

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  1. jeffyeoman420 says:

    I love you I wish I could find a mistress to do this to me ?

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