Latex Vac Bed - More Information & Pictures



Well here it is (or  I am) in all it's glory ... As the auction says they are a serious piece of equipment - The sensation when all the air is sucked out is like nothing you would have ever expierence before - movement is very very difficult and all  you can hear is the drone of the vacuum cleaner (and yes you have to keep the  sucking going to keep it nice and tight!) - these beds are nice as there are  two holes - one for breathing and one (well you can see what is sticking out of that :-)

They are not designed  for solo play really - you need a willing partner or friend - but if you want latex that is incredible tight - horney - wonderful - and feels unbelievable than this is it!

If you buy a bed from  us I will also send you the assembly guide as well - they are really easy to  use - but just in case. The bed will arrive in a box in a bag with all the pipes  and the latex envelope itself - remember it is a tight fit on the frame so please be careful!

But remember have  fun! - I did!