Why I should always ask

The following was written by Mistress Deborah (my Mistress and mummy). It originally appeared on and I have added my thoughts in this post in a different color and the images…

Today started with a heavy petting session.
I had just woken next to slave and we kissed.
I was quickly turned on so began moving over to him and stroked his weenie til hard.He was so quickly hard and was eager to kiss me back.
I straddled him (wearing my pj’s) and was teasing him by talking about a milking machine – he was sooooo turned on and quickly said stop!
I was pushing my tongue into his mouth and my hand was around his throat as I pushed down onto his torso then his hand went down and began stroking my pussy through the fabric – “OH DEAR”!!! I said, “how dare you touch without asking”!!
His face was a picture!

(I know I did wrong but I so wanted to touch – I find it very hard to resist Mistress and although my rules state I am not allowed as baby – I find this really really difficult )

He was told he would be punished later………..
I dressed him in a clean nappy with locking plastic pants and fed him some food and whilst he drank his milk (a lot of milk 12oz!)  I teased him and drove him mad by talking about the milking machine  (I don’t know if you have seen these devices – but there is a video on xvideos of a poor guy having every once of semen sucked out of him – and while it looks painful and excruciating – part of me would like to try and do that – if there’s no cum in me – then I can’t have any accidents).

The locking pants from the front……

and the rear – no escape for baby 🙁

He was told to dress – we met downstairs where I fed him laxatives  (this was new from Mistress and the thought of loosing control of my bowels while locked in my nappy made my weenie twitch like crazy – nothing happened on Saturday due to the laxatives – but on Sunday I did have a messy incident in my nappy – Mistress has changed the laxative now to a fast working suppository so I think I could be in for some messy nappies soon – OMG – (oh nooo)   and he was told he would wear the nappy ALL DAY! He was sent to do errands ..
When he returned he was told to go upstairs and strip. I followed him up and sat on the chair in the middle of the room – my petticoats all fluffed up.
He was told to bend over my knee, his hard cock pushing into my lap as he did so.
I paddled his arse with my spiky paddle that I bought in Amsterdam – it made his arse bleed!
He was super quiet as I had filled his mouth with a dummy gag lol!

(the Dummy gag really fills my mouth and Mistress had locked it in place – and the paddle really hurts – the paddle is made of leather and is flexible but the spikes are all over it).

Mistress I am truly sorry for being a bad baby.  I will not touch again and no Mistress is always right – I am very very very sorry Mistress 

When he was told to rise I made him kneel before his Mistress – I lifted my skirts, showing my pussy to him.
I teased him by wiping my scent on his top lip so he could smell me.
He was told to touch my pussy and I teased him by telling him he would never get in there!
I pushed his hard weenie against my pussy and he was desperate to push into me but not allowed!

As baby this is the part that drives me wild, I want to be able to touch, to smell to get my weenie there but I’m not allowed – and of all we do and say it’s the bit that scares me so much.  I don’t want my Mistress to have anyone else – I know it’s not my choice – it’s hers – but it really scares me.  

He was pushed away and told to tidy up!

So all of you subs…ask before you touch!!

Sorry – Sorry Sorry Mistress xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. manintyres says:

    I know it was very painful for you but it is far better knowing that your Mistress sticks to her rules so you both know where you stand.

    I love the thought of a milking machine also. The total loss of control no matter how much i'm in pain from the forced milking till i'm dry really turns me on even though it will be very excruciating.

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