Why baby is back….

I am Mistress to slave baby phil.
I give him permission to write this blog – he writes regularly so now I will add my bit.

I have laid him back onto the bed and placed a fresh nappy under him ready to talc him and put his supositaries right up baby’s arse!
I told him he is not allowed to take off the nappy until he poo poo’s in it.
He asked me why baby is back – the answer is simple, it floats my boat.
I love to dress him, feed him and do lots of naughty things to him, in short I am his Mummy and I feel so natural in this role. It makes me feel so close to baby it is difficult to explain ; I feel that this is natural and fulfilling.
I really get a kick from seeing him so horny for Mummy, the way he tries to look up my skirt, get jealous when other subs lick my pussy – he loves to do this but he is only allowed sometimes;)
I think that being baby keeps him where he needs to be – submissive to me lol!

When this first started I wasn’t sure of it all but as it’s evolved we have made it our own and regular bouts of teasing and denial keeps things interesting!
The bottom line is he is my baby and I love him , kinky buggar that he is lol!

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on December 7, 2013

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