What happens when mummy has too many drinks!

The other night Mistress Mummy was really stressed 🙁

She had a really busy day at work and was really fed-up.  So she chose music on the TV and a glass or two of red wine (maybe more 😉   But mummy really deserves it!

She danced and laughed – and tried to do the splits , by accident – which was really funny 🙂
And then bed time came..

We went to bed and there was milk for baby ready but mummy was in a much more playful mood. 
Mummy did not put my nappy on, instead she started to lick my nipples and stroke my weenie.   She carried on doing this but with more energy.  I told mummy that if she carried on I would make a mess.   Mummy took my weenie in her mouth and I came.  Mummy smiled and licked her lips and said yummy.  She rolled over and went to sleep.

Baby got no milk but mummy did 🙂

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on September 17, 2013

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