Vanilla is still ice cream after all


Well last week was a bank holiday and myself and Mistress were hard at work in the garden.  It was not meant to be a day gardening but we have dogs who we think have been taking escapology classes and Mistress decided enough was enough.  The morning started with Mistress putting me in a nappy and just before we left the house I needed to visit the toilet for a poo (Number two’s – Mistress doesn’t like or do Poo – so these go in the toilet).  I took my trousers down undid my nappy and did what I had to do placed my nappy back on and stood up and rip.  The back of the nappy burst.  As everyone was waiting for me in the car I threw the nappy in our bin and ran downstairs to see Mistress and told her what had happened. So I was now no underwear and just my trousers.

The work in the garden was really hard work and when we finished Mistress had a bath and I had her water and we spent the evening chilling.  I dont think Mistress redressed me in a nappy – it was just one of them days.

When bed time came before I got into bed I stopped and asked and was told Mistress wanted me naked.  We kissed and cuddled and fondled with each other, it was amazing and then Mistress climbed on top of me and took me for every ounce of cum left inside me.  It was amazing.  There was no kink – no gadgets or gizmos – just a plain (except Mistress was on top!) straighforward f*ck and the orgasm that we both had was mind blowing!

It was amazing in so many ways.  That I got to cum (again) inside Mistress that it felt so good and I able to satisfy Mistress.

Thank you Mistress for my vanilla ice cream – It was delicious!

Your loving baby phil

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on August 31, 2013

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