The undexpected

I have been away from Mistress Mummy for a few days with our collective children and also due to a family funeral (sad times my real mum died 🙁  ) I have been out of nappies and being baby for what seemed like ages.  It hasnt stopped me wanting and talking to mummy on text and phone but it definitely felt like something was missing in so many ways…

We did some shopping on ebay before I went away and Mistress Mummy ordered some new dresses and petticoats and also some bits for baby – including a locking pacifier gag.

I got home last night and Mistress mummy placed me back in a nappy – but not before teasing my excited weenie to orgasm.  We then went to sleep and I woke up and made myself and Mistress a cup of tea.  My nappy was not wet  – I cannot wet at night – and it’s something Mistress wants me to achieve – as I do.

While making the tea I wet my nappy and after coming back upstairs and Mistress removing my nappy she teased me to another really hard weenie and then placed me in another nappy before I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

Mistress came downstairs dressed in a new dress with a really full petticoat underneath it looked amazing..

(Mistress Deborah’s amazing dress!!!)
She asked me to rub baby lotion into her smooth legs and lifted her petticoat it looked amazing and I told her about a hypnosis file that I had found.  She suggested I listen to it – so I did while she shopped.  It was about regressed to a baby and it was very strange but I felt very relaxed and when Mistress returned I was in a nice mood.  I also bought another file a while ago about diaper wetting and had copied this to my phone to listen to.
Mistress told me it was time to go upstairs for a massage but to bring my phone and headphones.  I went upstairs and was told to fetch the bolts for the bed and the restraints and chains.  Mistress told me to remove all my clothes and she then removed my nappy  and told me to lay on the bed.  She then first chained my legs and then my arms to the bed and then produced the new locking pink dummy gag. She pushed it into my mouth and then buckled it hard behind my head and checked it was firm and then placed the earphones on my ears and started playing the bed wetting hypnosis mp3.    I closed my eyes and felt my head fill with sound the next thing I can remember is awakening to Mistress biting my nipple she flicked and licked them and started stroking my cock before applying a little lube.   I was wiggling about and she removed the gag which was really painful and filling.  She kissed me and then started wanking me with her petticoat and dress.  I begged her to stop please stop I asked and she stopped and then started again.   I begged to cum and was told baby dont cum.  I asked again please mummy can I  have a creemie – No I was told.  She stroked my nipples again and then placed her hand up her skirt and unbuttoned her underwear and then lowered her self next to my cock,  And moved about I could feel her warm flesh on my weenie.  I was wiggling about the bed holding me still and then Mistress raised her self and told me to close my eyes and not to open them until she said.  I could feel something on my face and then Mistress told me to open my eyes and I could then see her pussy and all the petticoats Mistress’s fingers working her to orgasm.  She climbed off and then sat down on the tip of my weenie and wiggled ..
“Please Mistress you will make me cum…”
She said nothing but pushed down and I felt the whole of my weenie disappear and Mistress started to ride me.   I could feel everything inside me rising, I was getting closer and closer and closer…
“Mistress please can I cum..please Mistress”
And I came and came and came – my body shaking and pulling on the chains every muscle was amazing and so nice – I was very surprised…
Mistress unchained me and dressed me back in a new nappy and told me it was very very nice.
I have a new download and Mistress has told me I must learn to wet at bed time.
A happy baby phil xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you Mistress! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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  1. manintyres says:

    Hello mate,

    Love the start of this and looking forward to reading future instalments 🙂


  2. Sissy Debbie says:

    Love it!!!

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