The dummy gag

I thought I would start with a photo as this new toy of Mistress Mummy’s has given me a few problems ….

Mistress Mummy knows I like gags and having my mouth filled so she bought this one from eBay for Baby. Its made in the UK and it wasn’t expensive but Mummy likes it because its Pink and lockable *gulp*

So Mummy had used it on me a couple of times since she got it but on Sunday night I was laying on the bed with my wet nappy which Mummy removed and then inserted my gag.   She started flicking her tongue across my nipples and then grabbed my weenie and started stroking it up and down.  It was already quite hard from when she had put the gag in me.   She carried on flicking her tongue on my nipples and then went down and pushed my weenie into her mouth and started pushing it in as deep as she could get it.  I was groaning and squirming on the bed.  Then she went back to my nipples and used her hand and I  could feel myself edging closer and closer.  I was squirming around on the bed.. and then Mummy went back down and started moving her mouth up and down again.  I could feel all my nerves endings errupting and then she came up again and flicked her tongue on my nipples..  Each time I was getting closer and closer and closer.  Mummys head was midway between my chest and my weenie and I knew I was going to come, so without thinking what I was doing I placed my hand on the back of mummy head and guided her down onto my weenie.  I creemied straight into Mummy’s mouth and there was lots and lots of it.  Mummy made a yummy groan sounds and swallowed it all and looked very happy until…

She turned to me and told me I had been naughty because I had pushed mummy’s head down onto my weenie…

I did try to explain that I knew Mummy liked it and I didnt want it to go all over the bed…

So now I am waiting for a smacked bum :-((((((

Sorry Mistress Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on August 27, 2013

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  1. Firefighter says:

    I must say that you sissy baby deserved a prolonged spanking session with nannies strong hands, then the classic old fashioned carpet beater until baby cries. Then back into your wet nappies and plastic pants

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