Saturday night tease

I woke on Saturday morning with Mistress Deborah she lent over nustled her head on my chest and start to lick my nipples.   My cock trapped in my diaper started to throb.  She took down my diaper and started to massage my cock, licking and sucking my nipples – my cock was throbbing and soon I was begging Mistress to stop.  
Mistress told me she was going to fetch us some breakfast.  She placed my bib around my neck and then fed me my breakfast.  It was soggy wetabix from the baby bowl and then gave me a bottle of formula. Mistress pulled back up my tight diaper and I got dressed and took  my son out.
When I came home I went upstairs to find Mistress, I undressed and Mistress removed my diaper and massaged my cock and licked my nipples until I begged her to stop (I Know I am not allowed to come). She then told me it was time to remove all my bodyhair.  We went downstairs and Mistress started applying veet to my legs.  I held her cock and balls tight in my hands to stop the veet getting on it.  Mistress was laughing.  She then showered me off and then applied it to my arms and I had to lift my arms up – Mistress knelt in front of me and while the timer was ticking down for the veet to be removed took her cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it and deep throated it.  I had to keep my arms up and stand still and all the time Mistress was sending my body all over the place.  She then rinsed my arms and did my back and chest.   I was then told to take a shower and to shave the rest.  I shaved her cock and balls and then my face and then came out of the shower. I came out of the shower and stood up and started to wee in toilet – Mistress walked in and didn’t look happy. She said I was been very naughty that I knew I should sit down – and that I would be punished for it.
I found Mistress upstairs who told me she wanted to Fuck me,  I was told to fetch the strap on, the big red ball gag harness (which I hate because the ball stretches my mouth so wide – and the harness means it cannot fall out) and my red locking mitts.    Mistress took my diaper and placed it between her legs and peed on it.   I then helped Mistress with the purple strap on harness pulling it tightly around Mistresses waist.  Shen then pushed the ball gag into my mouth and bucked it tight.  Instantly my mouth was throbbing.   Next was the red locking mitts and then she placed the wet diaper under my nose and told me to kneel on the bed and lean forward and breath deep.  I could feel Mistresses fingers applying lube to my bum and then her fingers going deep inside me.  My body shock and goose bumps started appearing on  my skin,  As Mistress massaged her fingers in and out the waves of pleasure went though my body and then a pause, and then OMG Mistress thrust the strap on deep into me and started to pound me.  My body was convulsing with waves of pleasure and a strange feeling, again and again.  I wasn’t sure what It was… precum was leaking out my cock and my knees felt week and then Mistress stopped.  She placed my diaper back on me and then grabbed a red sissy PVC outfit out of the cupboard and dressed me.  She placed nipple clamps on my nipples – they hurt like hell. And told me to go downstairs and do what I needed to do on my laptop.   Mistress took photos of me to share and then brought  me  my dinner.  Placed my big on me and fed me my dinner of baby food pasta and a bottle of formula .   I eat my dinner and was told it was time to change back into “normal clothes” – I hate that part. I took the sissy PVC outfit off and got dressed in normal clothes and fetched my son.
I came home and Mistress called me upstairs and told me to remove my clothes and she removed my diaper.  I was told to pass the large black plug (it’s a tantus medium and I cant take it). I pleaded not that plug, but Mistress told me to kneel up.  She lubed my arse and then inserted her fingers and then I felt the plug but to my relief it wasn’t the black one, but my relief was short lived as it was the pump up plug and Mistress pumped it and pumped it and pumped it until I was begging her to stop.  She grabbed her cock with her lubricated hand and started to stroke and stroke me until I was really hard.   She laid in front of me and told me to look at her pussy.  Mistresses fingers worked fast on her pussy and juice  flowed out of her.  She then released the plug and told me to lie on my back and continued to stroke her cock. I was so close I was begging and begging her to stop.
“Would you like to get your cock inside my pussy”
“Yes Mistress”
She told me I would need to lift her dress and undo her knickers as she knelt on the bed. I entered Mistress from behind and pounded her with all my might.  I hoped I would get close to coming but Mistress knows her “slave” too well,  That if she plays with me and partially milks me that I wont come and after Mistress groaning and eventually pulling away I was left unsatisfied and still very horny.
Mistress played with her cock again until it was hard again and dressed me in tight diaper again her erect cock still wanting to explode.
We went shopping for clothes for the kids and Mistress bought me some as well as a onesie (there all the trend for adults!).
That evening was a quiey evening with no real play…..
But to be honest I was so horny and frustrated I don’t think I could take anymore.

Slave Phil
(I posted an edited version of this on chastity mansion – I made it non baby – as some people freak out!)
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