New Chastity cage from behind barz

I will admit I have been a fan of behind barz for a while , and if you read my other blogs you will find reviews of there belt but I lost a lot of weight and needed a new waist band and ordered also a new cage.

So what’s different , this is the waist band.

It’s now made of a thinner more flexible stainless and is a thing of beauty.

My next request is that I wanted to be able to remove the front shield but to remain locked. This makes cleaning easier and in theory could mean longer locking period without removal.

In the first picture you can see the blue tag when this is removed the centre thumb screw can be undone to release the outer shield but the cock stays locked. This is also a new front called a sissy and the reasons being can be seen better here..

It has an indent and slit that now gives you that camel toe look in your knickers. Something us gurls want but don’t have. The sides are open..

Which keeps everything cool.

So how is it to wear ?

The short answer is amazing. It looks great. I love being able to remove the front although your Mistress or partner could apply an additional lock and as I do not get on with ball rings I can wear it ring free.

Im in love with this. Which is a good job as its staying on now until an xmas at least.


Lucy xx

  Posted by Lucy in Bondage, Chastity, Uncategorized on November 8, 2018

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  1. Paul @Heart-ON Chastity says:

    Interesting device.. Wow!

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