Mistress resets the rules

Saturday and Sunday were very strange….

I awoke on Saturday to find Mistress licking my nipples, It was late in the night  – really late and then Mistress started stroking her cock.  I was half a wake and gradually getting more awake and then Mistress stopped and then went to sleep.
I was awoken again in the morning and Mistress was again licking my nipples and stroking her cock.  Her motions were getting quicker and I was trying to control myself and hold on but – NO I didn’t manage it and had a ruined orgasm – cum leaking out my cock.
Mistress was not happy and told me I would be punished.  She went downstairs and came back with a big bottle of milk (13oz o Milk!).  She put me in my nappy and not only fed me my bottle but also some porridge for my breakfast.
I got up and was getting dressed and Mistress came back in the room – told me she was not in the mood and was not happy and told me to remove my nappy….
She told me I was a bad baby and that we needed new rules…
So Saturday was very strange.
Mistress printed me out my new rules on Saturday and I was told that I needed to follow these as I was being unfair to her and naughty.
Mistress is right of course! She always is.  I know I am sometimes a bad slave and a  bad baby.  I have been told babies don’t get to cum – or have sex with there mummies or Mistress – so I am not sure when I will get to orgasm next – but I am not too stressed (yet!)…
I am trying hard to be a good baby and make Mistress proud!
  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on September 3, 2013

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  1. manintyres says:

    Wow I love following your journey, thank you so very much for posting this blog

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