Captain…I canee hold it, the speed is breaking it up..

Sorry, for those who have never watched Star Trek, I think you may still understand the sentiment…

I wrote in the last blog that is was only the 16th January and It had been very very intense…

Well Friday came upon us and Mistress and Baby spoke,  it was going to be a weekend with all the kids so we both knew that our scope for play would be limited.

Friday night I cooked dinner and straight after dinner Mistress took me upstairs, told me to remove my pants and trousers and lay on the bed on my back, Mistress fetched a fresh diaper from the cupboard and told me to lift up my bottom.  She then lifted my shirt and started to flick her tongue across my nipples and started to stroke my weenie.  My weenie became hard very quickly and quickly I could feel the build up of the pressure in my balls and groin, it didnt take long for me to beg Mistress to stop, and Mistress did.  Mistress talced my weenie and balls and then pulled the diaper tight before slidding my locking pants up around my waist and locking them tight.  Then dig in my legs so you know you are wearing them.  Mistress allowed me to drink wine, so it was not long before my diaper was soaked and bed time was upon us.   The diaper was removed and Mistress progressed to tease the life out of my poor weenie, every time I was close Mistress stopped and then start again.   Mistress told me to lay on my back and applied a new diaper and then my blue onsie. And told me to laydown for milk.  I think I am repeating myself but the bottle is massive (14oz of milk).  As I laid drinking my milk I was allowed to play with Mistress and her lovely breasts.  It was not long before the milk was disappearing and Mistress was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

Early Saturday morning I awoke with the urge to wee, I still can’t wee like a baby, I wish I could, but I have to stand up and have a wee.  So I climbed out of bed and had a wee, the diaper was soaked. I climbed back into bed and tried to sleep, It wasnt long before Mistress was awake and told me to go and make some baby porridge and boil the kettle for milk and Mistresses tea.  I walked downstairs with my soggy diaper and made Mistresses tea and was allowed to make one for myself in my sippy cup.  When I came back up Mistress made my bottle, but I was in trouble.  The bed had a wet mark on it, my romper was soaked.    Mistress told me off.  I was told to take my diaper off and lay on the bed, Mistress told me to roll on my side and smacked my bottom.

“You are a bad baby”
“Yes Mistress”
“You dont wet the bed”
“Yes Mistress”

With my cheeks gently throbbing it was time for milk and porridge a fresh diaper, and then back into the locking pants. For the day!    I had some shopping to do and Mistress was painting and I had not had a poopoo either.  I was standing in an electrical store with the overwhelming desire to wee, it happened. The diaper was wet, I prayed it wasnt leaking.  I got back in the car and sat in my wet diaper and drove home.  I told Mistress when I was back and we talked about how I felt.

“Mistress  do I have to come on the 28th February?”
“No, Its up to Mistress, and If I had my way you would never come again”
“Thank you Mistress, I dont want to come, I love feeling like this denied and excited, please dont make me come I could stay like this forever”

The words tumbled out of my mouth, what was I saying, never to orgasm again?

“It used to bother me that when I was baby I got excited and wanted to be like this, but now I know it is right”
“You are a baby, you need to accept what you are”
“Yes Mistress you are right, I know when you tease me and talk to me about baby things when I am not baby that my cock twinges and my heart races faster, I know I am a baby”
“That is good then, as remember babies dont come”
“Yes Mistress”

Mistress changed my diaper and more teasing, each time I have a diaper change Mistress ensures that an erect weenie goes back in the diaper.  This leaves me very frustrated. The soft diaper an erect weenie and no where to go.  The locking pants were not put back on, just a pair of plastic pants and we settled down for a nice Saturday evening.  Saturday evening the kids watched a film downstairs so Mistress and baby could have a good kiss and a cuddle on the sofa.  Mistress has a very sensual mouth and her kisses made my weenie throb hard in its nappy.   We went to bed with milk for the baby, a clean nappy, new plastic pants and Mistresses favourite T-shirt she bought me. It says

“I love my wet nappies”  (in pink)

The morning came and I had the urge to wee, so I climbed out and had a wee and fell back to sleep, we both got awoken by out son bursting through the bedroom door shouting

“Harriet (this hamster) has escaped” and he ran off.

We both jumped out of bed and I removed my sodden diaper my t-shirt and plastic pants and we searched for the hamster.  After half an hour of hunting she was found and I went back tot the bedroom and Mistress followed with tea.  We drank our tea and Mistress gently licked my nipples and my weenie went hard, very quickly, one little stroke of my weenie and I asked her to stop.

“Are you that close?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Oh dear”
“Please Mistress will you milk me”
“Are you sure its that bad?”
“Yes Mistress your slightest touch and I will erupt and I dont want to…”
“Fetch some bits, the chains , the cuffs and the Revo then”
“Yes Mistress”

I found the chains and cuffs and placed them on the floor the revo I haded to Mistress.

“Kneel on the bed”

I knelt on the bed as requested, and soon I felt the coldness of lube before Mistress pushed her finger deep inside me.  I groaned with pleasure, it felt amazing

“Oh dear baby look at your leaky weenie”
“Yes Mistress”

Mistress continued to probe my prostrate with her finger then stopped.  The something thicker and harder pushed against my bottom. It was the revo and soon Mistress pushed it home.  Roll on your back.  I rolled on my back the revo up my bottom and Mistress slide a pair of very tigh pants up over my legs and over my bottom and then turned the revo on.  It slowly started to twist and stroke, and I started to groan and groan, each stroke I could feel.

Mistress grabbed my right arm and placed a cuff around it before chaining it the bed (I knew there was no escape) then my right leg, my left leg and my left arm.

“Mistress I shouldn’t ask but can I have something on my head so I dont have to look at the ceiling?”

Mistress gave me a look like I had asked for a million pounds, and I knew I shouldnt have done.

“You said your nose was blocked baby”
“But Mistress what about the blindfold”
“Who’s in charge?”
“Sorry Mistress”

Mistress produced her vibrating bullet and placed this down my pants touch my hard weenie and on.  I was now moving and groaning on the bed, my pants wet from the precum.   I was watching Mistress.

“Dont you watch me, you will be in trouble.”

My gaze went back to the ceiling and Mistress came back over with a pair of black knickers in her hand.

“Open your mouth”

I opened my mouth and Mistress pushed her wet draws into my mouth, they tasted wonderful.

“Are you enjoying my pee, baby”

I muffled yes Mistress and Mistress pulled down my pants slightly and started to stroke the vibrating bullet across the tip of my cock.  My body was moving and moving and moving.  I mumbled please stop which Mistress did but she just placed the bullet next to my cock and pulled my pants up.  What happened next took me by surprise.  My weenie just came, not in an a massive explosion and without that feeling that an orgasm gives but it just did, I shook my head in disappointment,  I was upset with what had happened but had felt no pleasure from it.  Mistress pulled down my pants and could see the cum and precum on my pants.

“Oh dear” she said
“Sorry Mistress” – mumbled

Mistress took the draws from my mouth.

“Do you want me to leave you like this or shall I undo you”
“Please Mistress can you undo me, I’m sorry”
“Its ok, dont be sad, I think your body just decided it need to relieve some pressure”

Mistress undid my bounds and then placed a fresh nappy on me. The nappy was locked on and away we go again.

So I am sitting writing this in a wet nappy.

I do feel different, I dont feel the urge. I am disappointed that I leaked and came, but got no pleasure from it.  So my question to myself and others is, do you think that my orgasm was ruined, do you think sometimes your body just needs to relieve the pressure.

I know for sure this is what I want, and being a baby suit Mistress and myself.   I am looking forward to bed time and teasing and milk.  I am a very lucky baby that’s for sure.

Love you Mistress Deborah xxxx

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