Baby’s First Christmas

Well Christmas came, baby was excited.  He knew that mummy had ordered something special.  He had been measured and the lovely lady who made it had emailed baby to say it was on its way.  She said she had wrapped it up and then the parcel arrived. In November…. a long wait for baby 🙂

Christmas morning came and everyone opened there presents including Baby ..but not his special present.  He had to wait until Christmas night…and then mummy gave baby his present.  OMG – it was wonderful, a blue latex romper and bonnet.  It felt smooth to the touch and the zip had a sliding lock.   Baby knew he was in trouble .. mummy slipped the latex romper on up his body and over his shoulders.  It was a beautiful blue colour.  It felt wonderful.     Mummy told me I would get to wear it properly soon.

Baby waited to see when and one morning over Xmas mummy holidays mummy told him she had a special treat…

“Today baby you will go to nursery” Said Mistress Mummy
“Really Mummy” said baby
“Oh yes, lets get you ready” – Said Mistress Mummy

so on went a clean nappy and then the blue romper came out of the cupboard, baby stepped in and mummy slipped it up his body before pulling up the zip and locking it in place.

“I think you will need to put on big boy clothes for now ” said Mistress Mummy

So jumper and trousers went on and down to the car (SUV) we went.

“You are sitting in the back, like the baby you are today baby ” – Said Mummy

I climbed in the back, and mummy started to drive, we were not far from home..

“Baby take them big boy clothes off now, and put your bonnet on” said Mummy

I took all my outer clothes off and sat in the back of the car, in my latex romper, my bonnet and sucking my dummy.

I was concious every time that we stopped that people could see me, but I was a very happy (and horny) baby and loving every minute.

We arrived at the nursery (mummy had borrowed the keys specially) and mummy opened the front door and we walked in.  Mummy opened another door and told me…

“Your a baby you cannot walk so crawl over there and play with the toys”

I crawled over on my hand’s and knees to where the toys were and sat on my bottom (maybe a picture would help)…

I sat and played my heart racing, and then mummy told me it was time to go 🙁  I crawled out of the nursery and climbed back in the car and mummy took me home.
I had a wet nappy, and when we got home mummy ran me a bath and let me out.
It was amazing 🙂
I have been allowed to wear the outfit so far once more, it is baby’s favourite…it feels so nice, but is so scary as once it’s locked, you cannot get out ….;-)
Happy New Year 
Thanks for reading
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