Baby’s First Christmas

Well Christmas came, baby was excited.  He knew that mummy had ordered something special.  He had been measured and the lovely lady who made it had emailed baby to say it was on its way.

Mummy dressed me up on boxing day and told me that we were going out, she took me to a proper baby nursery and told me that I was to play while she did some work.  I was very worried on the way incase anybody saw me or saw me waddling into the nursery.  I had a very thick nappy on underneath. I felt very small and little sitting there while mummy worked.

The suit is made of thick latex and locks with a special key at the back, so once baby is in he cannot get out.

It was a very intense way to spend boxing day 🙂


Lucy x

  Posted by Lucy in Adult Baby, Uncategorized on July 10, 2019

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