A quick first post from Baby Phil

Hello All,
I am slave baby phil.   My mummy Mistress Deborah looks after me.   You may have seem us on   We both visit there frequently although mummy isn’t keeping baby in chastity devices at the moment 🙂   But baby is denied orgasms and kept in diapers as much as possible.  

We have had a very intense few days and I will start writing soon – but for now its a quick hello.  Mummy has left me to order more diapers but not before ensuring that I was diapered, in my frilly baby panties and with a very restrictive corset around my waist – all hidden under big boy clothes 🙁

I must go now – I have jobs to do and water to drink as Mummy has insisted that she gets lots of wet diapers today …

Bye for now
slave baby phil

P.S. If you visit the mansion you can find us as philfred and Mistress Deborah

  Posted by Lucy in Uncategorized on August 4, 2013

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