New cheap belt first thoughts…

If you have read anything I have written before you will know that me and chastity has a very checkered past. Most devices I try fail or damage me so when I ordered  this one it was purely that the cage design that initially interested me.

chastity belt

Ebay Image of Belt


So when it arrived I was not expecting much . I had to adjust the waist band and it is quite clear that the steel this is made from is very thin. I don”t think you can wear this one without a liner it would cut your skin! So after changing so it fits it went on.

chastity belt

Front view of Belt on!

chastity belt

Rear view!

And the fit felt pretty good. The belt felt secure. There was no way I was getting to anything or getting it off!. I do like the locks they are released with a key and each lock has a different key and the main 2 belt locks one released push to lock. There is a third lock that allows access to the penis at the end for cleaning. I think this belt has a couple of interesting possibilities..

chastiy belt locks

Showing the locking mechanism

If you wanted a long distance lockup , if you are sent no keys once you are in its on, then you cant remove it or maybe you could get sent the cleaning key later but you would not need to remove it ?

Because it’s easy to be put on your partner could easily lock you in!

If you are used to being diapered then the process is like putting on a nappy.. Imagine that going for a change and finding yourself locked ??

I have only worn it for 4-5 hours at a time so far but first impressions are very good.


A little video of the lock procedure. Until next time..

  1. 20190322_121303.mp4

Lucy x

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