Breast Augmentation – I need some advice, please :-)

Hi All, this will be a very different post and if it’s not your sort of thing then I am sorry 🙁 If this is your sort of thing, please read on and please retweet and share so I can get some other people, if you don’t want to read all just skip to the question further down.

For about 4 years now on and off I have been desiring (probably fixating about having some breasts of my own). This was way before I came out as cross dresser publicly but ever since I have been trying to be more feminine the concept of having some breasts so that clothes fit better and I feel sexier has been there. I am not gender dysphoric as I do want to keep my penis and have no desire to lose or it to stop it functioning. My Mistress (who is my wife) likes my penis and we have full healthy sexual relationship which if you read anything I write involves lots of different kink. 🙂 So to keep this part of me is really important and this incudes the ability to cum.

So I have been trying things to grow my chest…

Herbs for Breasts
Herbs that are meant to help grow your Boobs!

I have taken herbs before, I was taking Black Cosh and that made me really ill. So these so far have had no bad effects. But I am not sure they are really working. And If read about different people say a lot of different stuff.

I have also been pumping my boobs with a noogleberry and to be honest the immediate effect after removing it always makes me go wow 🙂

Noogle Berry
My noogleerry in action

And this works but they subside very quickly and reading the forums it will take a long time to get any type of growth, and it need to be every day and for at least 30 minutes a day and for multiple reasons I can find getting the 30 minutes to myself quite difficult 🙁

So recently I went onto Ebay and bought a silicone insert. This is only small. It is meant to give you an A cup and is supposedly 500cc

Boob insert
Cheap Chinese Silicone Insert

And when I place this in a bra I really like the feeling. It gives my boobs a slight bounce and shape and I have been out and about wearing them with Mistress and nobody has said anything to me and Mistress says they don’t look wrong. And my bra looks a lot nicer with them in.

Bra with insert
My bra with my inserts in!

So I like this look, it makes me feel sexer, and more femine and less like a boy in womens clothes.

Well done if you have read this far 🙂 Now the question

The Question(s)

If you had the money to pay for Breast Augmentation would you ?

What are the likely complications?

What problems is it likely to give me going forward?

Do you think I am being stupid?

My Mistress is fully behind me whatever I decide but she asked me to think carefully. I have done my research and it is all possible , not in the UK but within Europe. I don’t want big boobs. I just want something that sits in a bra and gives me shape so I think it would be an A cup or a small B.

Please comment and help 🙂


Lucy xxxx

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