Being a happy baby

Well it’s been a little difficult here.  I lost my birth mum who I was very close to on Saturday and it has shook my world. .
Feel very empty and sad.  Mistress Mummy Deborah is sad as well and has been supporting me and brilliant! ! Another reason why I love my mummy.

Anyway today because I was off work I got up and decided it was time baby came back.  Mummy has left it for me to decide when I was happy.  So I put a nappy on and went downstairs. It was bin day so i dressed and went out side to put them out. It was only a short time and I wet myself.  The lovely warm feeling around my cock and bum.  I texted mummy and she was very pleased with me. So I came in  and made breakfast. 
I placed some rusks in a bowl with some milk and a drink of tea in my beaker and went back to bed to feed myself as mummy is at work 🙁

My weenie got very hard as I eat my breakfast and I sent mummy some pictures of breakfast and then felt sleepy. 
I was dosing off but the phone Rang and I needed another wee so I had a big wee and flooded my nappy.  Oops so had to have a shower.

Just had lunch which was pork casserole baby food in my nappy and bib and now to get dressed still in my nappy for work.

I’m happy. . I’m back where I want to be.
I’m sorry if you were hoping for some hot bondage or sex etc but there will be more to come and I wanted to write this first.
Baby phil

  Posted by Lucy in baby food, diapers, nappies on August 16, 2013

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