The unexpected orgasm – Silicone Doll

The unexpected orgasm

The images are from the new silicone sex doll suit that I bought from Sherskin.   Last Saturday I was allowed to try it on and the plan was to take some nice pictures to share and for myself and Mistress to see how it looked.  But unfortunately it didn’t all go to plan..

The suit ripped and I was really cross and sad..

I was really annoyed and Mistress could see I was unhappy. She told me to take it off so that I could save it being further damaged. Which I did, but I sat on the bed being rather cross and angry and started searching for how to reapir it.  I found various articles and Mistress seeing I was upset went downstairs, I got some and glue and managed to do a repair and then I heard the door go and her car leave…I texted her and she replied..

“I’ve had enough.. you’re obsessing about that suit and your sons treating me like shit”

“OK I’m sorry I was very upset and I have fixed it”

The suit looked fixed, so I tried it back on.  And the repair held.  Jus a little mark that was all.  I tried the hood on with a blonde wig but decided it just didn’t work.  So laid back on the bed in the suit, like the first picture.  On the bed was a curved strap on, I tried pushing this into the new vagina on the suit – the channel on this goes to a textured tube which I imagine for a guy is great but the tube is too short to enable it to go anywhere and give any stimulation.  My unlocked penis was inside another tube that is connected to the vagina further up – to allow you to wee.

So I pushed the dildo in – it didn’t want to go very far and I didn’t want to lubricate it – just incase the repair failed and I had to try and return the suit.  I have been 22 days without an orgasm.   I looked down at myself and squeezed my new boobs and carrier on trying to push the strap on into my new pussy and from nowhere a strange feeling started like I was desperate to go to wee.  Not the omg I am going to orgasm but that strange pressing feeling and then suddenly it happened – I orgasmed – I could feel my body twitch and then I stood up and semen was then dripped out  my new pussy.   And I felt vey ashamed.. very upset.  I knew Mistress would be. And I couldn’t explain what had happened. I hadn’t rubbed my cock at all.  A spontaneous eruption…

I did tell Mistress and I got punished, fucked and then locked back up again.  So I don’t know when me and the suit will be one again – but I hope it’s soon!


Lucy x

PS Mistress has said that this fuck doll is not going to be called Lucy so I need a new name!


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