The good, the bad and the

Well Mistress likes to keep me on my toys, and last night my shaving cut had bled into my pants, so the belt was removed and I was allowed to apply cream.

“Oh look a nice free cock what shall I do with that” ..

“I don’t know Mistress”

“I do , lay on your back on the bed and keep your eyes closed.. “

I laid on my back and waited then I could feel something being pulled up my legs, I opened my eyes and there was a nappy.

“Can’t have it free now can we , bummy up”
And that was a nappy in place.

And that was followed by my latex locking romper and my big dummy.

So last night no belt but thick rubber, a dummy and nappy until morning ..

Very nice, and I’m told a taste of things to come eek..

And this morning no belt, she said she wants my balls to look less stretched.. For now.


Ps this should probably be on babies blog.. But it gets confusing 😉

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  Posted by Lucy in Latex, nappy on June 30, 2015

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