Mistresses Silicone Doll

It was dolly time at the weekend. After Mistress dressed me she allowed me to feel myself. My huge heavy breasts felt amazing and my soft pussy. My cock hidden inside the silicone feeling restricted and hard to access but very horny. I was told to lay on the bed and Mistress started playing with her dolly, moaning loudly. Grabbing my tits fingering my pussy and driving me mad. I was getting very worked up but just couldn’t get to that point. Once Mistress had her orgasms she helped me undress and dress in my clear latex suit , she zipped it up and pushed the anal condom into me. Told me to bend over the bed and proceeded to fuck my arse while I masturbated my cock in the other condom. It wasn’t long before I asked to orgasm and had an amazing full body orgasm.

#chastity #latex #fuckdoll #sissy

  Posted by Lucy in Latex, lucylatex, Silicone Doll on December 12, 2017

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