Boobs are coming


The breast Augmentation is booked.  I am surprisingly calm.  I know it’s something I want.  I am travelling abroad – but within the EU.  I am not going to have huge boobs  – just something that will work for me.

Somebody said to me – “if you not having big boobs what’s the point?” She is trans – I think this is a very strange view – I am not a porn star, internet star or looking to make money from them.  Most women who have large boobs wish they were smaller and most women with small boobs want bigger?!?!  I just want what is right for me 🙂

I Know I am not trans, or at least not in the traditional way?  I don’t dress male – I crossdress all the time and I cannot wait to be able to wear tops, bra’s and dresses that fit properly.  I will keep you all updated – but its going to happen.

If you have any comments please ask.


Lucy x

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  1. Gina Smithy says:

    Soooo sweetie pie,what size BRA will you hopefully be wearing once your surgery is complete.I totally understand that you don’t want HUGH breasts.I truely love my naturual 32 B’s,I find them also just right.I truely wouldn’t want to go any bigger or even smaller.I am a TRUE,girl,but just love chatting with other born males that are trying to become in ways a girl.

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