Under bust cloth Corset

I absolutely love that feeling of being pulled tight into a corset. The tight restriction as someone pulls your laces in ever tighter so the other day while shopping on Amazon I spotted this beauty..

White corset

White under bust corset

As you can see its virginal white. It has 26 bones (I think) and can be laced in very tight.

It has a modesty panel which I used to think were silly but they do stop the laces digging in and hide that skin that may be squashed.

The laces are really strong and it can be pulled in tight without fear of as anything breaking or snapping and if you are a prime member its next day delivery and you are all bound up.. hmm lovely and for less than £30! What a bargain:)

The only thing I will say is don’t expect Amazon to let you leave a review that seem just a bit too square..

Here’s the link

Women’s 26 Spiral Steel…


Lucy x

  Posted by Lucy in Clothing on October 28, 2018

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