A maid comes to visit Mistress

Today a Maid came to visit Mistress..

Mistress wanted to ensure the maid was focused on her job so she was locked into her dress..

The maid started to clean but soon Mistress said she was not properly equipped and she was told to bend over. Mistress inserted a large pink butt plug and pumped it up hard, and instructed the maid to start cleaning and dusting. Walking was very difficult as it was more of a hobble than a walk. Mistress watched on as the maid moaned ..

Mistress was pleased with the cleaning and told the maid to lay down on her front. The pump up plug was removed and Mistress inserted the Revo and turned it on..

The maid moaned more and more before Mistress decided she was finished with the maid and dispatched her to her quarters.

The maid will be back.



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