Busy Sunday Afternoon

What a Sunday treat 🙂

I was unlocked and firstly Mistress allowed me inside her for 2 minutes. I was under strict instructions of no cuming or I would be 300 days in chastity eek! It felt amazing after 26 days with no pussy…

I survived and was told to put on my purple catsuit and my hood, Mistress inserted her favourite gag and then proceeded to lower her self down onto the dildo and rode my face to orgasm. Each time spending longer down taking my air away and allowing me to smell that delicious nectar of her pussy. When Mistress had enough she removed the gag and pushed the dildo deep into my mouth , it tasted amazing but nearly caused me to gag ( thats the video) she then removed the gag and rode my face further Mistresses pussy and the mask making an amazing airlock, I tried to lick for as long as I could but eventually had tov start wiggling and hoping Mistress would lift up and give me air, each time she lifted it was quicker and I had to take a large gulp of air. I was so lucky to be allowed to do this. When she was finished I was pulled so I was sitting up and Mistress took my latex covered figures and pushed them deepn inside her. I knew what was expected of me and soon I could feel her warm cum leaking down my leg.

I was then told told to undress and relock. And now I am truly horney.

I can tell Mistress enjoyed herself as I now need a new hood 🙂

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