The Hannibal. .

The “Hannibal”

“The Evolution of the Hannibal”

Excluding the belt around my waist all the options and changes I have.
(Top row the cages – three different designs now available)
(Three different size cock rings – including two that are oval)
(Two different tubes – one allowing for the pa fixing – on the left – the other the standard one, I prefer the standard one)
(The back strap if required to secure it all together – it is not required for security).
(Also missing from this picture is the alternative back plate, the belt, keys [I don’t have them], the belt.

Well it’s been a little time since I wrote last so I thought I should write a little update 🙂

The pictures at the top is the latest change and update that I requested to the belt.  This is another reason why are so amazing.  I emailed and spoke to Joe who fabricates all the belts and explained that no matter what I do with cock rings after a while they damage my balls.  I had tried the second cage along (in the second photo down) but wanted something more enclosed so sent him some ideas and the “hannibal” was born.

The Hannibal – is a beast to where – it feels very solid – I have worn it for 8 days – 7 nights with no problems – no damage.  Hygiene means a daily shower/bath/hot tub 🙂 [Yes even in there] and after the 8 days Mistress removed it to check all was well and it was (YES OH FXCKING YES).  With a  PA ring toileting has to be taken easy – I wear pads to catch drips – and to be honest they don’t get soaked!

We were both very pleased 🙂 And I was released for 24 hours and treated to a nappy (miss that feeling when hard steel is in the way 🙁 ) and 2 orgasms. – Before locking back up again on Monday morning – and that is where I am now – locked again.

I have bought a lot of chastity devices from all over the world – Germany, America, UK – various chinese tubes and trying to find something that did not do me damage and allowed sleep etc was always very difficult .  I even tried other full belts like fetishfelix cs100 and also from ddmachinery in America (it was very cheap) .  Fetish felix tube design did me damage which was a pity as out of all the belts and devices I had tried before there’s I liked.

Then I heard about this through stroppy on – that he had approached a metal company in England and they had modified his belt.  They were designing something new – something different – and this is it.  The belt keeps changing and I know Joe has other fronts and designs but what amazes me is how he is willing to listen and adapt it.

The “Hannibal” isnt the last – the final one will be called “Lucy Locked”  (I think that’s what I will call it) – It will have more metal on it smaller holes at the bottom and some other changes.

I cannot say enough good word about behindbarz – I am not affiliated in any way.  They are a British company who do what they say they can do – they are the ronseal of belts – it does what it says on tin (well steel 🙂

The last image is a smiley face if you haven’t guessed!

Chastity in my opinion is not about filling you/your slave with constant nagging on his balls, waking you up in the middle of the night with pain, or major discomfort – its about denial – realising that their is more to your existance than your cock – and that your Mistress or Master deserves your attention.  If you get that bit right the rest will follow!

Take Care and good luck!

Slave Phil

P.s. Any questions either ask here or tweet me!

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