Lucy being a good girl

Lucy is Mistresses slutty little girl. But this also means doing as your told and dressing as Mistress requires. This was no exception and after being made ready by Mistress I was told to lay down.

Waiting for Mistress

I laid on the bed and Mistress came over and asked me if I had been good, she stroked me gently and told me to kneel, gently pulling down my panties and stroking my locked cock which was now throbbing hard in my uretheral chastity device. Her hands stroked my bum, I felt cool lube being applied to my bum and then the edge of the strap on. Gently at first and then Mistress started to thrust my moans louder and louder and Mistress steadily picking up pace, my cock leaking steadily before Mistress stopped and pulled up my panties….

A little bit of Lucy

And although I can’t show you the pegging please see the little video of Lucy below.

I hope you enjoy..

Until next time


Lucy xx

  Posted by Lucy in Chastity, Clothing, Femdom on June 27, 2019

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