Locked again but in something different..

It’s been a long time… Chastity has been mentioned and due to wait gain I have been unable to get in my behind bars belt πŸ™ so I thought I would try out a cheap device from China. I don’t have the picture but I first bought this device in metal. Loved how it looked but it was too heavy and it literally felt like my balls were being ripped off πŸ™ but then on wish I found it made from resin and it came complete with the part to go through my piercing. I have had a piercing for a long time now with the idea that one day my device would use it but never had any luck until now..

This device is incredibly light and cheap. It cost £20! And yes it’s a Chinese copy but I’m really impressed. I have been locked in this on and off now for over a month! No problems no ball damage.  Night time erections need a piece of string to stop it pulling too much on my balls but apart from the erections feel very frustrated, and the part going through my piercing gives me no problems. 

Mistress loves it as well. She lets me out to clean about once a week and sometimes I am out overnight but that’s because she wants me to stay in for the long run…

I would not recommend you dishwasher it. I did and thing the fixing bands stretched or shrunk. Luckily the bands from the metal version worked but I have since ordered a spare..

In summary a really good cheap device !!

All the best!

  Posted by Lucy in Chastity, sissy on November 26, 2017

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