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I have always had issues with chastity devices and rings. Doesn’t seem to mater what the ring is made of or how it is shaped they always seem to do damage. Even the very soft-ones.
I do have a theory that usually the first week or so are OK – then the urge of being locked grows and the penis decides it wants to escape so the erections get stronger and here comes the damage…! I think this is true for me with any device that is not a full belt. But then again I can’t even wear them with a ring 🙁

So after a recent damage incident i had to find a temporary solution and as I own a copy of a evotion wearable ( ) and the original design was meant to be worn ringless I though I would give it a go!

Ringless evolutions clone
Cheap copy of Evotions

So as you can see it goes through the piercing and is then locked in position. It makes quite a nice compact device that can be put away in panties with no problem 🙂 And is very secure. Because it’s locked through the piercing!

What makes it interesting are erections. Some Mistresses do not believe that if you are in chastity you should be allowed erections. But I have discovered that having the ability to have erections is driving me mad…

Erection chastity
Oh Yes you can have a full erection!

So you think that would be good..

But when you are hard – the cage squeezes very hard. The pin feels even tighter and because the head is protected there is no stimulation. Mistress believes she could bring me to orgasm with a wand – we have not tried – but the thought of having a ruined orgasm in that way, no thank you Mistress 🙁

So usually when I’m locked it takes a long time for the horn factor to grow. I have now been orgasm free for 15 days and I feel very horny! And Mistress is happy.

Mistress found that she could even insert my erection partially into herself. That was such a turn on but such a tease. OMG if you can imagine your Mistress above you enjoying herself but you feel nothing apart from erection which has nowhere to go and with no more stimulation.

I am not sure when I will be allowed or for an orgasm.

Mistress rules are – if the device causes no damage it stays on…..

So I think I may be in for a while – and have already spoken to Evolutions about getting a proper one with a better ring for a PA with foreskin.

All the best

Lucy xx

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