Sexy Saturday

A very sexy Saturday

I was sent to Tesco to buy hair colour and when I came home Mistress was upstairs. She told me to take a viagra and She asked me what I wanted to wear and I chose my new corset. But as ever Mistress always makes it more interesting. First came the corset and knickers and then Mistress told me to come play with her and assume the position. So I knelt by the bed and serviced Mistress until she told me to stop. I was then allowed to pleasure Mistress further squeezing her big breasts through the latex dress she was wearing until she orgasmed. I was told to kneel on the bed , Mistress pulled down my knickers and instead the purple pump up plug and proceed to pump it up until I begged her to stop. She stroked my cock and teased me before releasing the air. But she replaced this with my estim plug, turned up high and pulsing and then next came my locking high heels.

I was told to walk downstairs and sit on the stool in the kitchen while Mistress cut my hair. All the time the plug was pulsing away driving me mad. And then it was time to colour my hair as Mistress said I couldn’t be a girl with all that grey. When the colour was set Mistress first released my corset and I could then breathe again. Next my shoes were released and then finally i was allowed to go to the shower to remove the plug.

When I came out the shower Mistress stroked my cock until hard and asked what I i fancied next, some latex Mistress…

And what were you thinking…

My sleep sack Mistress?

And you will need a hood and gag.

Yes Mistress

So I was placed into my gas mask hood with an over inflated pear gag in my mouth then the hood and the connected bag , the sleep sack has internal sleeves so once it was zipped shut I was stuck. Mistress zipped up the flaps on the hood and I was blind and then tightened the valve on the bag and breathing became a lot harder. She undid the crotch zip and started stroking my cock while talking to me.

I am going to ride you slowly and you are not to come.. ok

I tried to say yes Mistress but the gag made it very difficult. Air was now following as the valve was opened and I concentrated hard as Mistress rode me before getting off. She pushed me back in and zipped it up. And turned the valve cutting my air but Allowing me to see..

She teased me and rubbed me and then undid the zip after a while. And released my hard cock. She climbed on top of me zipped up the flaps tightened the valve and rode until I screamed I am going to come and I did. My body shock with the orgasm.. what an orgasm.. what a Saturday…

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