Day 6 and 7

Well day 6 was all about Lucy (I will write about that on her blog but needlesss to say the belt is still on and being put through its paces. Yesterday my Mistress gave me a thorough pegging with the strap on she found the belt very useful to pull on and pull me in close so I had no escape and had to take all of the cock *blush*

I have slept very well again and now on day 7 have been told it will be coming off for a short time to allow me to shave and change the back plate. The belt has 2 different back plates, 1 has a hook on it for attaching the back strap and the front cage and other is smooth. So I am switching to smooth. I think this will feel very strange being out , but I don’t think it will be very long…

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  Posted by Lucy in, lucylatex, strap on sex on June 28, 2015

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